Why Use Microsoft Tags?

Six Reasons to Use Microsoft Tag
1. Makes mobile marketing a breeze
With Microsoft Tag, you can extend your marketing to mobile phones with just two simple tools: Tag Manager and Tag app. As a marketer, you use Tag Manager to create Tags and run reports showing when and where they’re being used. The free Tag app is the only thing your customers need to scan all your Tags – they don’t have to download and keep track of several readers.

2. Builds your brand
You can easily design a custom Tag that reflects your brand personality and blends in beautifully with your creative. And Tag’s small size means you can minimize the space needed in your printed materials while maximizing your marketing impact.

3. Stretches your dollar
Since Tag is free, you can add a compelling mobile experience to your marketing at little or no cost. Make your ad work twice as hard by linking directly to your web or mobile site. Or show a video that brings your product to life the way Razor did with its scooter demos.

4. Keeps your campaigns current
What if print pubs were like websites, and you could change content at will? Tag gives you that flexibility – change the content behind a Tag anytime you want without changing the printed Tag, so your printed materials never become obsolete. A great example: Bare Escentuals uses Tags on postcards, brochures, and print ads for its cosmetics, then keeps the conversation alive with regular content updates that customers can view by rescanning the Tags.

5. Personalizes the customer experience
Add that personal touch – and increase sales – by customizing your mobile content based on a consumer’s location or by recognizing multiple scans from their smartphone. For instance, Eurest Dining Services uses Device ID to deliver a popular ongoing campaign that provides special offers in its cafés.

6. Provides campaign metrics
Gauging the success of a marketing or ad campaign can be tricky, but Tag Manager provides free analytics you can use to see when, where, and how often your Tags are being scanned. The immediate feedback lets you fine-tune your messaging for optimal results – just like the Microsoft Office team did.

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