Using Mobile Tagging to Improve Your Print Campaigns

Who says that you can’t track print campaigns? While you may know many of the customary tricks, using different campaign codes or telephone numbers in your print campaigns, here is one I bet you haven’t heard of: Use mobile tagging to push penetration from your print campaigns. Did you know, when your mobile tag that takes prospects to your website, or your video, and even your direct dialer is scanned, you can tell exactly the source of the visitor to your site or video? It is a simple matter of seeing the analytics tied to your site or video. Now if you don’t have analytics tied to your site, that is a subject we can help you with, simply contact us and we can explain what you need to do for that. It’s not a subject to take at length and explain here. Your site analytics can tell you the source of your visitors, including coming from a mobile tag scan.

Now your only challenge is to get your tags on your materials. If you haven’t prepared them yet, or you are getting ready to re-print, we can help you design and enhance your materials to include powerful custom tags. And it may be that you don’t use just one. Just like a Lay’s Potato Chip, you can’t “eat” just one – your prospects and readers will eat these up! So talk with us and our creative team can help you enhance your design with mobile tags. But what if you have already printed materials, your business cards, brochures, magazines and other print materials? We have a solution for that too! Just get the custom sticker sheets from – each with 64 individual tag stickers that you can use to put on everything! Need these in bulk? Contact us directly and we’ll get you bulk pricing too. While they are extremely economical for just 1 or 2 sheets, they can be even more cost-effective if you need 50 or 100 or 1000.

How To Video

Need a scanning app?  Just go to your iTunes App Store, Android Marketplace, Blackberry App Store and search Microsoft Tag Reader to scan this tag.   Or, simply open the browser on your smartphone, and go to to download the reader!   Then open the app, scan the tag, sit back and enjoy!

When you put your stickers on all of your print materials, you bring your print to life. Create your stickers to go to your personal testimonial video, your website, your company YouTube channel and any other useful place your prospects can learn about you and your product or service, and drive them to take action! Mobile tags give you credibility – and enhance your brand. Be sure you learn how to get and use the custom sticker sheets and business cards to bring your customers to you!


Why Customize Your Tag?

Your product is unique.  Your service is unique.  Your company is unique.  YOU are unique.  Why not make your tags unique?!


Perhaps you are not aware, but you can create a custom 2D barcode tag.  And by custom, I don’t just mean you can have it go to your website, your vCard, your dialer information, and your YouTube Video.   Yes, you can customize the information your tag directs the viewer to.   But just as powerful is your ability to customize the look of your tag.  Use your logo.  Your product image.  Your photo.  Any image can be placed in your customized tag.  And it is fast and easy too!


We saw the value of this long ago – before most people, at least in the western world, even knew what tags are.   Using mobile tagging is becoming mainstream throughout the world.  With the use of custom tags, we have taken the content of a 64-page print magazine and turned it into 24, and even 16 pages.  And made all forms of media come to life.  No longer is there just flat content on a page, a poster, or a billboard.   Now readers, using only their smartphone or pad, can bring print to life.  And get access to more information than they would ever read!


Just think about it.  The average commercial on TV is 30 – 90 seconds.  And packed into those 30 – 90 seconds are images, flash, audio and messaging that it would take 10 pages of print to cover.  In today’s world of hurry up, fast paced, short attention span environment, you are much more likely to catch the attention of a buyer with 30 – 90 seconds of information than a long article or a business ad in the middle of a magazine or newspaper.  Using tags gives you the best of both.  You can capture their attention with a very simple and direct print medium, coupled with a tag they can scan and view your video, website or other digital media.   And you can have them coming directly back to you!


Try it out.  See how easy it is to create your tag.  Simply have the digital image you want to use, and get online, join, upload the image, and create your tag.  I’m no technical wizard, but I am able to do it in under 5 minutes.  And then I had my customized sheets of 64 tags each in the mail to me within 24 hours.  I didn’t have to figure out how to place them on sticker paper, align everything, copy the image, cut them, try to peel them off and spend a ton of money on the specialty paper.  Very fast, easy, efficient and cost effective!   Go to and get yours today.

Use Mobile Tags On Samples – Customers Call You!

So you are in sales.  And you have an amazing product.  And you give out samples with your business card or brochure everywhere you go.  What happens next?  You don’t have a way to call your prospects, do they have an effective way to call you?  We suggest not!  When you hand out samples with your card or brochure, the likelihood of those two items staying together is minimal.  They toss it into the back seat, turn a few corners, and soon that sample is on the floor and the business card is between the crack of their seat.  Or, they put it in their bag with the one-hundred other things, and they land between their own business cards and a copy of Fitness Magazine.   When they finally clean out the car or the bag, the find the sample and try it, and like it!  But now how do they remember who gave it to them, and how to get more?  You are relying on their memory of 10 days, 3 weeks or months ago!  Not going to happen, right?  Well, here’s how to fix it!

Simply make sure that your tag is on your samples!  Create a tag with your vCard, a digital dialer or even a link directly to your website where they can order your amazing product.   Put that little sticker with your tag on your sample, and your prospect will never be separated from you!   They simply scan your tag, and let’s embrace it, nearly everyone knows about tagging these days, and even those who don’t know about it yet have smartphones with the capability to tag.   Within seconds of trying your product, they can be calling you or be on your website placing their order.

Mobile tagging can bring your customers back to you.  And it creates additional credibility for you and your brand.  When you give away your samples, use it as a chance to show them something new – cutting edge – show them how to use the tag!  Downlaod the app to their phone right then.  It’s another great way to get your product into their memory bank.  And they are much more likely to remember you – that cutting edge marketer who taught them about mobile tagging.

Be sure to create and order your tag sticker sheet at – place them everywhere!  Get your prospects and customers coming back to you.  Be sure they have a fast and easy way to connect.  It is easy to See It, Tag It and Share It!


So, you want to know the hottest future trend to help your business gain a competitive edge, huh? No problem… while none of us have a crystal ball and can predict the next huge marketing phenomenon, it doesn’t take a stack of tarot cards and a cup of tea leaves to know that your business marketing stratagem needs to include a mobile plan. And that mobile plan should include mobile tagging – a relatively new marketing tool that just might be that next big thing to get your message across to the masses.
The mobile industry has seen staggering growth, already surpassing the three billion mark. In contrast, the internet is fewer than 2 billion. Mobile allows all previous mediums (telephone, print, audio, radio, TV, movies, internet and video games) to be combined in an instrument that fits right in your pocket. That’s one powerful mass communication device.
Mobile tags, such as Microsoft Tags or QR codes (QR standing for Quick Response) are a way for the code’s contents to be decoded at a rapid speed by using the camera on a mobile device, typically a smart phone. They provide a unique way for a company’s products to interact with its existing and future customers.
A tag reader (downloaded app) scans the image and takes the user to a specific webpage. A mobile tag code can be anything like a website, text information, SMS message or even a business card. The code contains information in the vertical direction as well as the horizontal direction, so it can carry hundreds of times more data than an ordinary bar code. This is why these types of codes are called 2D (two dimensional) barcodes, or matrix barcodes. These two dimensional barcodes can be applied to almost any surface and the information contained within them can be leveraged to create incentives and drivers that lead consumers along the purchase path.
The QR code is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S., and while no one can predict just how popular it’ll become, it’s a good bet mobile tagging will be around for awhile. And since it’s still a fresh, unique concept – you should implement mobile tagging as part of your marketing campaign sooner rather than later.
So what are the benefits of using mobile tags?
One advantage is the element of mystery. Without a reader, a viewer won’t know exactly what the message is. It’s very tempting for someone that sees a giant mobile tag to find out what will happen when they scan it, which makes the viewer one step closer to becoming an actual customer. Of course, you can also tease someone into reading the mobile tag by adding simple text next to the tag that gives the viewer a call to action, such as “Want to save 50%?”, “Scan me now for more info” or “Win a wonderful free trip”.
Another advantage over typical printed ads is the elimination of long and cumbersome website addresses that take you to a specific landing page. For instance, if you’re walking down the street and see an ad for a website that shows funny clown videos. That might be just what your funny bone was looking for, but chances are you won’t stop to write the address down and chances are even greater that (if you’re like us) you’ll forget the URL by the end of the day. But if you have the tag to scan, they get immediate satisfaction. They scan the tag, and are on your website, or watching your video, or calling you with the direct dialer on the spot.

Mobile tags make print media come to life. It takes a flat print platform, be it a magazine article, advertisement, billboard, window cling, golf-cart, bag tag or even a bus-stop bench, to a whole new dimension. No longer are they waiting to get online, or relying on their memory of a website to get your information, they are scanning that tag right then and there for quick and easy access.

We recommend using tags in every type of training program as well. Placement on products, in technical manuals, product disclosures, sales and marketing materials, business cards, letterhead and other communication tools should all contain tags. Even your digital media can include tags. Wherever you need the opportunity to expand information, you should be putting a tag.

One innovative way to do this is through the use of customized tag sheets. At, you can purchase a sheet of your customized tags, 64 on a page, and place those tags everywhere. On your leave-behind materials, your business cards, your product samples, brochures, practically everything you give to a prospect or customer can now be “tagged”, driving your customers and prospects to buying triggers you create in about 3 minutes. Get online and try these custom tags. Itagit sends them out within 24 hours of you submitting your order! And you can upload custom images as well. Your logo, your photo, product images – anything you have a digital image of – you can place as the background to your tag. And they cost under $10 to create the custom tag AND receive your sheet of tags!

Test them out – get your tags and get them in action. Improve your communications and your closing ratios with your customers. See It. Tag It. Share It.

The Future of Mobile Tagging

PSFK is a New York City based consultancy known for innovating new ideas for creative businesses. Well known in the trends research & innovations business, PSFK reports on and consults around innovations that help companies get inspired. They have created a powerful report on mobile tagging that we felt we should share with you here. Be sure to check it out!

Why Use Microsoft Tags?

Six Reasons to Use Microsoft Tag
1. Makes mobile marketing a breeze
With Microsoft Tag, you can extend your marketing to mobile phones with just two simple tools: Tag Manager and Tag app. As a marketer, you use Tag Manager to create Tags and run reports showing when and where they’re being used. The free Tag app is the only thing your customers need to scan all your Tags – they don’t have to download and keep track of several readers.

2. Builds your brand
You can easily design a custom Tag that reflects your brand personality and blends in beautifully with your creative. And Tag’s small size means you can minimize the space needed in your printed materials while maximizing your marketing impact.

3. Stretches your dollar
Since Tag is free, you can add a compelling mobile experience to your marketing at little or no cost. Make your ad work twice as hard by linking directly to your web or mobile site. Or show a video that brings your product to life the way Razor did with its scooter demos.

4. Keeps your campaigns current
What if print pubs were like websites, and you could change content at will? Tag gives you that flexibility – change the content behind a Tag anytime you want without changing the printed Tag, so your printed materials never become obsolete. A great example: Bare Escentuals uses Tags on postcards, brochures, and print ads for its cosmetics, then keeps the conversation alive with regular content updates that customers can view by rescanning the Tags.

5. Personalizes the customer experience
Add that personal touch – and increase sales – by customizing your mobile content based on a consumer’s location or by recognizing multiple scans from their smartphone. For instance, Eurest Dining Services uses Device ID to deliver a popular ongoing campaign that provides special offers in its cafés.

6. Provides campaign metrics
Gauging the success of a marketing or ad campaign can be tricky, but Tag Manager provides free analytics you can use to see when, where, and how often your Tags are being scanned. The immediate feedback lets you fine-tune your messaging for optimal results – just like the Microsoft Office team did.

People Live With Their Phones!

People live with their phones, using them during dinner and even before they get out of bed. Microsoft Tag helps you capture them in the moment, engaging them anytime, anywhere through mobile marketing. You can bring printed materials to life, help customers make buying decisions while standing in the store, and engage them more deeply with your brand.

It’s easy – just place Tags on your packaging, print ads, or marketing materials. When folks scan a Tag on their smartphones using the free Tag app, it can take them to your mobile site, show a video, download an app, add contact details to their address book, or dial a phone number. You don’t have to worry about people correctly typing in your URL or finding you online – Tag instantly puts the relevant info at their fingertips.