Using Mobile Tagging to Improve Your Print Campaigns

Who says that you can’t track print campaigns? While you may know many of the customary tricks, using different campaign codes or telephone numbers in your print campaigns, here is one I bet you haven’t heard of: Use mobile tagging to push penetration from your print campaigns. Did you know, when your mobile tag that takes prospects to your website, or your video, and even your direct dialer is scanned, you can tell exactly the source of the visitor to your site or video? It is a simple matter of seeing the analytics tied to your site or video. Now if you don’t have analytics tied to your site, that is a subject we can help you with, simply contact us and we can explain what you need to do for that. It’s not a subject to take at length and explain here. Your site analytics can tell you the source of your visitors, including coming from a mobile tag scan.

Now your only challenge is to get your tags on your materials. If you haven’t prepared them yet, or you are getting ready to re-print, we can help you design and enhance your materials to include powerful custom tags. And it may be that you don’t use just one. Just like a Lay’s Potato Chip, you can’t “eat” just one – your prospects and readers will eat these up! So talk with us and our creative team can help you enhance your design with mobile tags. But what if you have already printed materials, your business cards, brochures, magazines and other print materials? We have a solution for that too! Just get the custom sticker sheets from – each with 64 individual tag stickers that you can use to put on everything! Need these in bulk? Contact us directly and we’ll get you bulk pricing too. While they are extremely economical for just 1 or 2 sheets, they can be even more cost-effective if you need 50 or 100 or 1000.

How To Video

Need a scanning app?  Just go to your iTunes App Store, Android Marketplace, Blackberry App Store and search Microsoft Tag Reader to scan this tag.   Or, simply open the browser on your smartphone, and go to to download the reader!   Then open the app, scan the tag, sit back and enjoy!

When you put your stickers on all of your print materials, you bring your print to life. Create your stickers to go to your personal testimonial video, your website, your company YouTube channel and any other useful place your prospects can learn about you and your product or service, and drive them to take action! Mobile tags give you credibility – and enhance your brand. Be sure you learn how to get and use the custom sticker sheets and business cards to bring your customers to you!